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The incinerated-looking buns are darkened with bamboo charcoal, and the same has been used to give the poisonous-looking cheese its melted-tar look. The beef burgers, meanwhile, have added black pepper, and are topped with an onion and garlic sauce mixed with squid ink.

The international chain says it is the third time it has released a goth-like burger (the others had black buns and black ketchup) and diners have so far given them a “favorable reception.”


if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.


That moment when a children show TV host says: “I went to the Notre Dame in Paris. That’s a cathedral, just like my body!”


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Along with most media outlets One News ran this news item about the idea of value of Te Reo Māori for the children of Aotearoa. I believe the idea was not making it compulsory as such but making it more accessible throughout schools and encouraging the idea of a bilingual New Zealand. 

Unfortunately white New Zealand is far from ready for this prospect, white tears, racism and personal attacks ensued in the comments section. The comments speak for themselves in terms of how far we have to go in terms of respect for our Māori people, history and the status of tangata whenua. 

What are your thoughts on this whānau? 

Having a bilingual upbringing would have been a dream come true for me as a M
āori woman but unfortunately the effects of colonisation are still strong in my household so I never got the chance to embrace my language.

Do you think Te Reo needs to start from within the home to be effective?  How would learning basic Te Reo effect all our tamariki in NZ? 



You had sex when you’re 14? that’s your choice, you go glen coco, that is okay

You don’t want to have sex till you are married? That takes guts and that is okay

You have a fuck buddy in highschool? Not everyone likes commitment and that is okay

You are asexual and don’t like sex? That’s your sexuality, embrace it, that is okay

But you know what isn’t okay? Shaming people for their sex lives, that is not okay.