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there is a knocking at my window i wonder if it is a boy come to confess his love for me

it is a confused bird

close enough.



Dang it.



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“there’s nothing poetic
about shaky hands
or that funny feeling in your
tummy when you like someone
there’s only
beauty in tectonic plates shifting in your veins
and pterodactyls roaming free within your soul
and this
this is why I love poetry”

drunk thoughts I found in my drafts (via princesswetkitty)


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.

"I just love bowls so much" [x]

 Janelle Monáe sings Rock Steady with Kimbra.


I’m half Indian and half English/Australian/Scottish, and am obviously very white. I’m paler than my caucasian mother, and I often get people not believing that I’m Indian, or not taking me seriously because of it. I have another half-Indian friend who looks a lot more Asian than I do, and if anyone has any queries about India they go straight to him, ignoring me. When I go to Indian weddings/parties and wear Indian clothes I am stared at, people have laughed at me in the street before when I’ve been wearing them, because I look so out of place. But it is fifty percent of me. I was brought up Hindu, it’s a massive part of my culture. I feel like I’m ‘faking it’, that I have no right to identify with that half of me. I am so, so, so proud of my Indian background, it’s one of the first things I say about myself, I just wish I looked a little more mixed/more Indian just so I’d feel more comfortable in Indian dress/situations etc. It’s not about me not liking my Caucasian side either, I do, it’s just it’s taken for granted that I’m English. I feel the need to prove that I’m Indian and that is something I really wish wasn’t the case. 



So CNN just showed a report on the royal visit to New Zealand, which not only actively mocked the cultural traditions of the Maori, comparing the haka to the mating dance of the emu, but also denigrated the cultural traditions of many other groups as being ‘native’ and generally silly. It’s this kind of shoddy journalism and blatant racism that perpetuates an idea of multiculturalism being some kind of childish joke and trivialises the identity of 15% of NZ’s population. If you want to do something about it, there is a complaint here, and the petition associated with it here.  .


“George R.R. Martin said what he wanted to do was to take the traditional format of Beauty and the Beast and change the roles — and also the genders. That really excited me.”

Gwendoline Christie on her heart-to-heart conversation with GRRM about Jaime & Brienne ( x )


"can i borrow a pencil?"

ya here